PVA MediaLab Universal Value

Did a great job for PVA MediaLab (based in Bridport) on Sunday last down on West Bay beach. 


It was a really moving piece of site-specific art and film. Charlie Morrissey is the man responsible for the work.

The challenge was making an image in the darkness.

Introducing Pete Millson

I’m typing this and imagining that I’m at ease with all this blogging nonsense and that I have things to say. Well, let’s see.

I’ve just finished an exhibition of black & white photography in London all about finding a still moment in a busy day.

Got distracted then as a tractor-load of potatoes just went past the window.

I’m very pleased with the photographs and how the exhibition went but I feel I’ve done the theme to death now. Time for a new point of view.

I’m a little bit obsessed with hating the mass-media at the moment (the concept of it, not any particular individuals or organisations). I’m still occasionally asked to take photographs for use within it and so that’s a hurdle right there. I’m working on it. I feel it’s great visually as a project as there’s some form of mass-media/communication wherever you look. I’m typing through one now. At the back of my mind is the idea that I’m free to live without it. It would be great. Observe the world only through my eyes and deal with what I see as it happens.

Right, yes, me then. I’m 37 years old, like anyone cares, and I live in a village called Symondsbury near Bridport in Dorset. I grew up in the sticks (Stanford Dingley and Bucklebury – villages in Berkshire) and have only just moved back to the sticks again via a 20 year stay in London and so as far as being a country boy goes, I’m a total fraud. In my heart I’m a Wurzel though. I wanted to write songs and be in a band (this I did for 5 years or so in London) and then I was given a camera by a friend in 1993 and that threw a switch. I haven’t been a day without a camera since. I’ve photographed for newspapers and magazines all over the place but more importantly, I’ve looked and looked at people around me and have found a rich visual puzzle. It’s my lifetime’s challenge to photograph what I love about us all. Which is that we’re here.

I like Marmite on cold toast, tea, strong coffee, red wine and most of all being with my lovely family.

I’m hoping to post photographs (my work) as well as songs and other digital vomit.

Have a nice day – speak soon,