Production Stills

Just did my fist day on a film/TV set on Thursday. I’ve been asked to do the stills for a children’s drama for the BBC. It was very interesting, quite exciting and really, really difficult. The main difficulty was having to get used to using this thing called a blimp which is a soundproof casing for my camera. It means I can shoot when they’re recording sound on set but, honestly, it’s like holding a large toaster. There’s no access to the camera controls and so careful metering is needed before they shoot the scene as it’s a right pain in the arse to open the casing up and change anything. I’m certain I’ll get used to it but what a learning curve. Not only this but you need to tread carefully around the director, D.O.P. (cameraman), and the sound recordists among others as you are regarded as being in their way at all times. Occasionally I just can’t get a useful shot as the film camera is right up in the air on a crane in which case I have to ask that I be allowed to re-shoot the scene after they’ve finished. That goes down well with everyone. They do pay you though so I shouldn’t grumble. I have another two days shooting next week to brush up my skills.


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