Yesterday I had a job up in London again. I’m loath to take them because of the ridiculousness of it all – it’s 150 miles away but I need the money so what can you do. It’s work. The job was to photograph some speakers at a posh event and then an arranged group afterwards. 

These people are from another world. They have lots of money and assume it allows them to be in charge of whatever situation they find themselves in.

An example. I have my lights set up and metered, I have plush chairs and positions worked out for everyone and I’m ready to get a worthwhile group photograph. A lady steps up after I’ve taken the first frame and starts saying, “no, one of them had their head down. Do it again”. She’s come from nowhere. Who is she? I take a few more frames and she does it again. Being a professional my only option is to say “madam, I’ll need you to be quiet and if you can’t I shall have to ask you to wait outside”. 

I hope I haven’t put my foot in it as I understand she’s ‘someone’.

But then we all are aren’t we?


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