Apples and Folk

It was Apple Day here in Bridport on Saturday (Community Orchard, St. Mary’s Church field). There’s some open space that’s pretty much unused except for dog walkers and the plan is to plant apple trees and make it an orchard for the whole town to enjoy. There was an apple doctor on hand to identify varieties and all sorts of apple related stuff to try (apple juice and cider being the main ones).

There was also some music care of yours truly and others. I’ve joined a folk band and have done only three proper gigs with them so far and this freebie was my fourth. I’ve learnt precisely a quarter of the set but that won’t stop the show. Most of the time I’m scrabbling around working out the chords there and then as we’re playing.

Me on guitar:

David setting up the yurt:

I have a natty little woolen waistcoat but as yet no beard, no sandals and I only drink in moderation. This could all change of course.


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