Dan Leno

I’ve just finished a job in south Devon photographing Tony Lidington who’s written a play about the life of the music hall star of his time Dan Leno:

Dan Leno 11.eps

One shot as Dan Leno in oversized tailcoat and dusty top hat looking mildly drunk and the other as a (I’m a) ‘lady’ with a wig. The photographs are for a poster that’s being designed in a music hall style. I’ll post some images when I have them. Oop, here’s one now:


My eldest son gets on really well with their son of about the same age and our tiddler (1 and a bit) got on well with their little girl. It was nice chatting to people who have also decided to devote their lives to creative endeavours. I sometimes feel I ought to try and get a proper job but let’s face it, I’m 38 now and it seems unlikely. Remembering something Ricky Gervais said (or something like it), do what you want to do and then no matter what the outcome, you’ve done what you wanted to do.


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