Had a not very interesting day. But is that true? I think it has a lot to do with whether you’re tired or not. Our little one keeps us awake at night (Yawn – people not interested in children) and today I was grumpy virtually ALL day.

My eldest dressed as Elena the fairy first thing, some minor re-touching on the TV stills photos was needed, editing my Dan Leno shoot and speaking to someone in Bridport about an exhibition – meeting on Friday – this was my morning.

Quick argument with my wife, some lunch and then down to the fields with the boys for a hoof around.

Bad mood the whole time. Here are my boys benefitting from having their Dad around today:

Got back and there was a phone call from the Times Educational Supplement asking how long it would take me to get to Southampton. Wasn’t quick enough. Grumpy.

Finally, cooked some sausages for tea and had a cup of tea and the world was back to normal.

We need some SLEEEEP!

PS: These photographs were taken using a TELEPHONE. Extraordinary.


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