Other stuff

Thought I’d try and remember any eventful things from the past few days.


Oh yes, went and did some printing in the darkroom again. I’m trying to go once a week with the aim of chipping away at the winning images that appear on the odd roll of film. Processing film, as I have mentioned here before, is exciting in terms of waiting to see if you got what you thought you’d got. It is also, however, a total hassle and printing only compounds it. I print on fibre paper which for those of you who might know is a laborious process in terms of washing the print. 

But, it is all worth it because if I’m spending my life documenting and learning about all I see, I have to take seriously the objects that represent my work – i.e. a well-made print.

Anyway, la-de-blah. There was also a close-encounters moment the other night when a corn harvester (an evil monster version of a combine harvester) had taken a shortcut through our village. It stopped right outside our front room and when we opened the window, it was so large and with all its many headlights blazing, so bright that we honestly for a split second were worried. The driver couldn’t get past our car as the road is narrow and I went and moved the car. On walking back to the house I thought about a photograph and only had a bloody TELEPHONE on me:

It didn’t matter. He had decided to reverse all the way back out of the village anyway.

I’m also in the process of plastering my workroom with photographs both my work-in-progress and influential things I find. A semi-plastered corner:

and a bit near a shelf with suff on it (one photo so far):

My eldest son and I have built a trailer for his go-kart from a shopping trolley and a box:


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