Afternoon round-up

Quite a good afternoon as it turned out.

We’re after a cupboard for the front room to put the children’s bits and bobs in and a phone and a nature table (whatever) on. We went to try the dump (sorry, recycling centre) in Bridport and, bingo, there it was.

Elliot, my eldest, fancied a bit of dressing up and looked very smart as a result:

Back home to get the wood burner ready. I have a ‘steel’ for causing a spark, some cotton wool (which goes up a treat) some kindling and some ‘King Alfred Cakes’ which are a type of fungus that’s great as a natural firelighter and you’ll always find some in the woods. So, I have all this but no wood to burn. Elliot and I went and found some the other day but soon realised that one large log wasn’t going to keep us warm for very long.

No problem. One call to Rob-the-log and a ton of logs was delivered to our door. In fact on our doorstep. Rob’s little lad came to the door and shouted for Elliot. Elliot seems to know everyone. How?

Here he is guarding the logs (a pirate by this time):

Anyway (this is fun to write – apologies to those of you who actually read it), got a good fire going and now we have an evening of cosiness, red wine, washing-up and arguments to look forward to.

I’ve just popped up the road (8.30pm) to look after our neighbour’s son whilst she put the geese away. Our neighbour actually phoned my wife to ask if I would be able to help and my wife (Rachel) told me there was a glass of port in it for me when I got there. I said I’d do it only if I didn’t have to go near the port.


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