Good weekend

Saturday morning and over to Dawlish in Devon (bit of a trek) for a birthday party of a friend of Elliot. Dawlish is famous for having black swans in the river running through the town. There they were and very striking they looked. Not as striking, however, as the mint green ducks I saw. Only had a black and white film camera on me and so couldn’t get any evidence. No one believes me.

Back home to Symondsbury to another birthday party of another of Elliot’s friends. Then I made some soup and some bread. Quite tired by this time but, Christ, how boring must that be to read. I’ll shut up about it.

Right, Sunday. Elliot and I drove into Bridport to get a load of cardboard from outside the back of supermarkets. Today we had some people coming round to help us with our allotment via the local Lets scheme. The plan was to strim a bit, put cardboard down and then manure and whatever else on top. The fact that it was blowing a gale made a mockery of our pile of cardboard.




I then took our sofa over to the village of Drimpton to swap it with a friend. Her’s is nice and cosy, ours is a sofa bed. Here are the boys on the new sofa:


Driving back along single track roads in gale force winds was fun. Windy weather is my favourite weather and I really wanted to be out in it but had to get back. In order that I didn’t miss out though, I opened both front windows in the car and drove back hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life. I’m a little bit weird like that.

Elliot did a bit of hoovering and took pleasure in hoovering-up Harper:


Finally tonight I’ve done a couple of recordings of Rachel singing some songs for the children’s lantern walk that they’re doing over at Monkton Wyld in the week. We put them on CD so the parents can learn them in time to sing them on the night.


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