Roger Mayne exhibition and Monkton Wyld visit

Bit of a moping around morning with work a bit quiet. Job on Friday though! Hoo hoo.

Went to see the Roger Mayne: Portraits exhibition in Bridport today at the Arts Centre. If you don’t know Roger Mayne’s work and you’re a fan of incisive, black and white photography (which obviously, I am), then you’re in for a treat. The portraits really chime with me. Most seem to have two of the ingredients I love: empathy and significance of moment. They also suggest that Roger Mayne is fascinated by other people and what it is that makes them them. On ’till the end of November if you happen to live in the south West.

Although a bit of a moody so and so this morning, the boys always make me laugh:



Yesterday Harper went to the Treewise toddler group which is usually held in the yurt in the orchard in the village but in winter, when the weather’s a bit soggy, it’s held up at Monkton Wyld Court at the Steiner Kindergarten there. A beautiful place and Elliot loves climbing the trees:



And finally… on the way back from Monkton Wyld on the A35 we get a great view of the main landmark in our village – Colmer’s Hill:



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