Week ending 15th Nov 2008

Good week. What did I do… can’t remember…

Ah, photographed some graduates (human, not plastic measuring jugs) in Bournemouth on Friday. I’ve been photographing college graduates for about three years now on and off and although one could say it’s not the MOST exciting job in the world, I have to say that I really enjoy it. I get to practice my photography/psychology skills (I’ll write an essay on it sometime – remind me) under pressure, I get to hang out with other photographers (hardly ever happens) and I get to meet (literally) hundreds of people in a short space of time. This last aspect I enjoy because I feel that to be a portrait photographer, one has to form opinions of others’ characteristics very quickly. Not opinions of them as people, just opinions of their mannerisms and what makes them unique.


A friend who reads this blog from Hanoi in Vietnam has mentioned occasionally missing England and hot, buttered toast and tea in particular. It is for this reason that I include here a photograph of same although the tea does look a bit like puddle water. I imagine he would know what it looks like anyway but it’s the thought that counts:


My Mum and Grandma arrived in the village today. They’re here for a week’s Christmas visit. Bit early of course but that’s how we’re doing it this year. I’m really pleased they’re so near. Wish they could move here to be honest.

Also, Rachel and I got a letter from one of the Consultant Paediatricians, Dr Philip Wylie, who looked after Harper a couple of weeks ago. The letter mentions his relief at the outcome, it explains what WAS going on, he gives out his phone number should we need it and the general tone of the letter is very considerate and thoughtful. We felt very looked-after and have been talking about the letter all day. I was with Elliot in Bridport at lunchtime where they had Vinyl Day going on (lots of great records for sale and a DJ playing in Bucky Doo Square) and was feeling slightly serene listening to the music. As we waited to cross the road, Dr Wylie cycled right past us.

OK, and, it’s Elliot’s birthday on Monday. My little boy will be six. This is a dull read if you don’t have children but in some respects, six years have gone in a blink. I love Elliot. And that’s why (he doesn’t use computers) I’ve bought him the Department of Transport book ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’. I know, I know but you can’t put a price on love.

Elliot and his Mum did a bit of sewing the other morning. We’re Home Educating the boys and helping out with whatever we’re up to is one good way of learning:


Got a sharpening stone for our axe today and I’ve been chopping like a demon. I’m scraping a bit here. I’ll post more when I’ve actually done something.


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