Elliot is 6

On the 17th we went to Beaulieu, home of the National Motor Museum. 

Elliot has loved anything to do with cars and mechanical design in general since he was tiny and this was his birthday treat. It was a wet and soggy day and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It’s the second time he’s been but he was ready for it this time and had a really good look underneath the cars at which suspension they were using and had a really close look at engines etc. I’ve no idea what he’s referring to half the time. My Dad, Arthur, used to be a car mechanic. He also worked as a driver of lorries and coaches, rode a motorbike and infamously (in my eyes) backed a caravan up a windy hill in one smooth run. Elliot has obviously inherited it from him.

I can just about change a headlight bulb but there it ends.

Elliot loved it though. As we all did.


One thought on “Elliot is 6

  1. all right! happy birthday Elliot,
    it’s getting time for “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” again! 🙂
    Winter is very close in Germany, it’s cold and we’ve already had snow!

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