26th November 2008


This morning we had a party for Elliot. His birthday was over a week ago but there it is.

Also this morning I had a meeting with a design company here in Bridport. Nice bunch and after telling me they didn’t commission much photography (hmm, I have heard that before actually) they were then kind enough to tip me off about a large London publisher who would be interested in a good photographer (me, obviously. What were you thinking) down in the South West. All a bit tenuous isn’t it. That’s freelancing for you. It made me think that I may organise a day of ‘portfolio-ing’ up in London even though it’s a bit ridiculous, it being so far away. Can’t hurt can it and what’s more, I get a day hoofing around photographing busy people being busy (one of my hobbies).

I’m making great progress with the LETS project (see separate page on this blog). I have rough prints blu-tacked on the front room wall and Rachel and I evaluate them over dinner. No TV, radio off – silence. I recommend it for making decisions about images. Let the choices make themselves known in their own time. Everyone I’ve photographed so far has been into the idea. I did intend to take about six months over it but I think I’m going to take advantage of not having much work at the moment and crack on with it. That is a sure-fire way to get work though – concentrate on other matters.

A couple that I photographed in Wootton Fitzpaine live on a smallholding (quitebigholding really). I’m in equal measures inspired and confused by what they’ve achieved. Inspired because that’s a way of life Rachel and I have been heading towards. Confused because I can’t see how I could ever do it. The skills involved are real skills; making houses, growing crops, tending to cattle, buying cattle, feeding cattle (I liked the cows!). One learns skills from other people of course. I’ve learnt to make bread, light fires and chop wood.

It’s a start.


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