Playing live

Yesterday and the day before that I had a couple of gigs. I play guitar every day at home, just writing the same song again and again but with subtle refinements each time. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve only got a limited number of things that I want to write about in music. Most of the thrill for me is getting the song ‘right’.

Again, whatever.

So, I’ve been playing at home but to get out and play in front of people is always much more fun. It’s also hard work on the fingers. This has positive benefits though. The next day my playing is always more musical. 

Sorry, I’m boring myself.

The gig last night was at a friend’s 50th birthday party in the village of Uploders. My grandma has recently, and kindly, bought a ‘Sat Nav’ for my 40th birthday present (which is 2 years away – long story). All very high tech, all very useful most of the time. Last night though, on heading out for Uploders, I was ‘taken’ to a dark and muddy field with a gate that had a sign on it which read ‘Pig Farm’. That wasn’t what I was after. I switched over to ‘brain nav’ and got out of the car, listened for a party and found my way there.

A pic of me at the party by my friend Ella:


Did another couple of portraits for the LETS project. Really pleased with how it’s going. I’m finding that my first impression of the subject and location is always the right one. It takes nerve to trust that it’s going to work. I used to get quite anxious when I first started doing portraits for other people. It only takes observation. Just look, don’t panic. I’ll post the images in the next couple of days.


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