Lets Project Update

Lets project going really well. I’ve got more to post when I’ve processed the films but if you haven’t had a look, there are a few new ones (click on ‘LETS project’ page).
I’m finding portraits more and more just a matter of looking and making firm decisions. If I see something I like there are two options. Either I’m ready and I snap the shutter and and I have it or else I have to stop the subject moving when I feel they are being most authentically ‘them’. The key to this is physical contact. If I were to shout, as photographers have done for decades, “hold it” in an effort to buy me time while I get the camera into position, it would almost certainly burst the bubble of authenticity. If I were to gently but decisively grab hold of the subject’s arm, for instance, and quietly ask them not to move, the fact that a stranger has got hold of them will, more often than not, stop them in their tracks. I can then jump in and get as authentic a photo as possible with time enough to do a good job technically. It’s always worth doing. When I subsequently let the subject off the hook, there’s great relief all round which generally leads to further natural gestures.
Just thought I’d let you in on that one.
Christmas is jingling itself around our house accompanied, if not aided and abetted, by Chris Rea and George Michael singing their timeless MOR pop classics (not in person obviously).
This is sad to admit but I’m very excited by my recent purchase of a new saw. It’s for helping me with the logs we find for firewood but, honestly, table legs are looking tasty as are fence posts, clothes props (I did actually saw that up – oops) and broom handles.
I’ll get used to it.


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