This is a reply I gave to a friend’s enquiry. I’m posting it in-case it’s of use to anyone else. It was a question about blurred images when photographing family members:

“Blurring in low light is due to one of two things – either the subject is moving or you, the photographer, are moving. A way round this is to make sure the camera’s shutter goes ’snap’ very rapidly (a high shutter speed) – rapidly enough that you can ignore any movement. And the only way you can achieve this is by using a high ‘film speed’ or in your case a high ISO setting. You could also try moving the camera with your subject as you snap. This would mean that you’re all moving in the same direction at the same speed resulting in a sharper picture. And of course there’s always a tripod. This will sort the problem of your shaky hands but doesn’t solve the little ones hoofing about!”



  1. Thanks Pete, I tried the ISO thing over Christmas. It worked a treat! I realised that the higher the ISO, the quicker the capture. It’s just that the images are slightly darker, that’s all. But certainly not blurry. Great advise. I am going to read up on other settings as well and try out different things.
    Keep on Blogging!!!

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