Haven’t written much for a while. Hello again.

I’ve been busy with lots of things, the main one of course being my job as Dad! That takes up precisely 100% of my time and I fit everything else into the gaps.

This week I take six of my portraits to the NPG. I’ve had some beautiful 16×12 inch prints made and it seems a shame to hand them over really! I’m going up to London to hand them over myself. There’s no real need for me to do this; I could get a courier to deliver them for me but it seems too important (to me) to not go there myself. The scenario could still be that I’m met by an office assistant that takes them out of my hands and just says “cheers” but there we are.

On Sunday we turned our front room into a gallery and invited people to come and see some of my LETS work in progress as well as lots of my other portraits from over the years. It was a bit of a trial just to see how it would work in practice and we’re quite excited about telling more people about it next time. There’s an ‘open studios’ week coming up soon here in Bridport, art capital of Bridport, and we’re aiming to be part of that.

And the daybefore found me doing my 10-minute slot as part of a Music-A-Thon for a local music charity. I had duly rehearsed and honed my 3 singer-songwriter classics and was put on the back foot a little when I got there to find I was on soon after the local bell-ringers had finished their slot. I hope my introspective nonsense went down alright. Everyone clapped I suppose! It was lots of fun singing unamplified in a great church hall.

Rachel’s just shouted up the stairs that supper’s ready so that’s it for this post!


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