Bridport Community Orchard revisited

Last Sunday (29 March 2009) there was another volunteer day on the Bridport Community Orchard.

On the list of things to do was to move a section of the hedging, dig a pond (not easy) and build a beetle bank.

It’s going to be a very valuable resource for everyone. Think of that, pop into town for your bits and bobs and go and have a sit in the orchard and watch the clouds go by. And relax.

I have the job (not much of a job when there’s people around you digging a pond it has to be said) of documenting its progress and with that in mind, here’s some photographs from the day: click me.


One thought on “Bridport Community Orchard revisited

  1. Pete, great pictures, again! many thanks for your continued interest and excellent pictures of this project. As you see, it is coming along well. The contractors will be on site this week, finishing the fence, and then start on the paths, so there will be access for all, with or without wheels.
    The community allotment raised beds will be built in the week after Easter.then the new shed installed, tools purchased, and away we go for the new gardening year.With such enthusiastic volunteers, and community support, it is great fun. Many thanks for your contribution.Cheers Jill Lloyd. Chair, Bridport Community Orchard Group.

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