The Things You Learn To Love

Hello. A new song written. Very pleased with it and I think that buying a guitar strap and recording it stood up helped. Like you care.

All is going well with my next photography exhibition; LETS SEE: portrait of a community. I still have about 15–20 portraits to do in the next couple of weeks and so I’m a little anxious but then again, it’s only some photos up on a wall: I’ll pop the kettle on.

Hey, look; here’s the boys out in the garden.



9 April 2009

On Saturday last, myself and neighbour David were helping provide the entertainment at a LETS Trading Day in Dorchester. I bought some butter knives for 3 LETS and booked myself in for a back massage for 25 LETS. At one point, David and I found ourselves outside on the pavement with our instruments. This was to help draw the punters in, we were told. I wonder, though.


Also, found a lovely photograph on a roll of film from a recent trip to a quarry on Portland.


There’s also a finished version of my song ‘Forgetting It All’ here.

I hope you have a happy Easter time.