LETS SEE: portrait of a community

Details of the dates and opening times of the exhibition of my latest work:

(I’ve changed the poster as I needed one the other way up)



Of interest to photographers

I’ve just been digging around amongst my boxes of prints and came across a 16×12 black & white photograph of a man called Will. The print was made on Agfa Record Rapid paper (no longer available) and it stopped me in my tracks.

I’m quite happy with the prints that I make on Ilford MG FB but, honestly, you may never know how deep a photograph can look until you’ve held it in your hands. I understand it’s something to do with the high silver content of the paper and that other papers are available today that compare: Ilford Gallerie to name but one.

It’s quite possible–and understandable–that you may only know photographs from their representation on the screen in front of you or from machine made prints made on reasonable looking paper. Even if I were to scan this print to show you here, I wouldn’t be able to show you what I can see.

All of this is very exciting from where I look. It means that for the images that connect with me on the contact sheet or on a preview scan, I now know that I can make an image to grab one’s soul and remind us quite clearly how important and interesting all our lives are.

New photographs

Like more ants pouring out of a fissure in a wall, here come some more photographs from your computer screen. When will it end. Soon I think as my drawing is coming on a treat.

Nearly finished the photography for the LETS SEE exhbition next month (24 June–18 July Bridport Arts Centre, South Street, Bridport, Dorset). After that is printing, mounting, writing captions, publicity and all the usual. In one way, this is just a big advert up on a wall in Bridport for a few weeks but in another way, it’s something I HAVE to do or I go mad: photograph people that is.

Just got a delivery of paper today and so I shall spend part of this evening enjoying the unalloyed pleasure that is making contact sheets in the darkroom.

Some recent photographs (some of which are part of LETS SEE):


I was send a photo by a friend the other day.

Like other photographers, I suffer from a bad back quite frequently. I put this down to always carrying my camera bag on my left shoulder and always having a camera round my neck. It turns out it’s not just that though; it turns out I sometimes have appalling posture; as seen here:

anitas pictures 519 blog

Still, got a great picture as I remember.