30 June 2009

Thanks to all who came to the Preview of the LETS SEE exhibition and there were a lot of you. I still managed to keep a bottle of red wine aside for another day though so all good news. It’s worth noting, because name-dropping carries weight in our media-led society, that singer and songwriter Billy Bragg was there. Now, I’m in two minds as to whether or not I should mention that he was there anyway as he was playing a gig later on in the evening and could well have been killing time waiting for friends to arrive. I think I probably won’t mention it. Seemed to like the work though. I would have found out what he thought of it myself but I was chatting to people at the time.

Good responses from those I’ve spoken to and quite a few emails and phone calls adding same.

I’ve got that usual deflated feeling now that comes after finishing something. To counter it I am making notes on what I’d like to explore next. Two things I’ve written in my notebook are 1. the grace and ballet of the BMX community and 2. affectionate gestures. I don’t think they’re related.

Also, photographed a wedding in London on Saturday. A long day and I’m not particularly looking forward to editing-down 950-odd frames.

Mustn’t grumble; tomorrow is another day and unless I’m very much mistaken there is a supply of coffee in the cupboard.

David Byrne

My brother-in-law has just tipped me off about a new David Byrne/Brian Eno album. Anyone know if it’s any good?

Here’s my portrait of David Byrne. As I’ve written elsewhere, he seemed to me like a slightly unhinged english teacher. Happy to chat as I remember and full of ideas.

From Wiki:

David Byrne (born May 14, 1952) is a Scottish-American musician and artist perhaps best known as a founding member and principal songwriter of the new wave band Talking Heads, which was active between 1974 and 1991. Since then, Byrne has released his own solo projects on record, and worked in a variety of media, including film, photography, opera, and Internet-based projects. He has received Grammy, Oscar, and Golden Globe awards for his achievements.

davidbyrne-050204-012 blog

National Portrait Gallery update

Finished printing the last of the portraits for the LETS SEE exhibition yesterday. I’ve been using two different darkrooms. One belongs to the photographer George Wright and that one I can only use from when it gets dark (about 10.00pm!) because neither George or myself have yet got round to fully blacking it out. The other is Tara Wickham’s darkroom at Beaminster school. This I can use in the daylight hours. I’m really grateful to both of them for allowing me in to print. Prints are now being flattened under the weight of a load of heavy photography books.

This post is mainly to let you know that my portraits at the National Portrait Gallery can now be viewed online: link here.

For those of you reading this in the west Dorset area, may I remind you that the Private View of my exhibition is at 8.00pm this Wednesday (24 June) at the Bridport Arts Centre, South Street, Bridport.

Come for the cheap wine and good company if nothing else.