National Portrait Gallery update

Finished printing the last of the portraits for the LETS SEE exhibition yesterday. I’ve been using two different darkrooms. One belongs to the photographer George Wright and that one I can only use from when it gets dark (about 10.00pm!) because neither George or myself have yet got round to fully blacking it out. The other is Tara Wickham’s darkroom at Beaminster school. This I can use in the daylight hours. I’m really grateful to both of them for allowing me in to print. Prints are now being flattened under the weight of a load of heavy photography books.

This post is mainly to let you know that my portraits at the National Portrait Gallery can now be viewed online: link here.

For those of you reading this in the west Dorset area, may I remind you that the Private View of my exhibition is at 8.00pm this Wednesday (24 June) at the Bridport Arts Centre, South Street, Bridport.

Come for the cheap wine and good company if nothing else.


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