30 June 2009

Thanks to all who came to the Preview of the LETS SEE exhibition and there were a lot of you. I still managed to keep a bottle of red wine aside for another day though so all good news. It’s worth noting, because name-dropping carries weight in our media-led society, that singer and songwriter Billy Bragg was there. Now, I’m in two minds as to whether or not I should mention that he was there anyway as he was playing a gig later on in the evening and could well have been killing time waiting for friends to arrive. I think I probably won’t mention it. Seemed to like the work though. I would have found out what he thought of it myself but I was chatting to people at the time.

Good responses from those I’ve spoken to and quite a few emails and phone calls adding same.

I’ve got that usual deflated feeling now that comes after finishing something. To counter it I am making notes on what I’d like to explore next. Two things I’ve written in my notebook are 1. the grace and ballet of the BMX community and 2. affectionate gestures. I don’t think they’re related.

Also, photographed a wedding in London on Saturday. A long day and I’m not particularly looking forward to editing-down 950-odd frames.

Mustn’t grumble; tomorrow is another day and unless I’m very much mistaken there is a supply of coffee in the cupboard.


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