Debut ‘gig’

First off, apologies for the rather flippant tone of my last post. I annoy myself sometimes; it feels like I’m saying something smart but it turns out I’m being a twit.

Right, if anyone can get to the Half Moon in Melplash, West Dorset tonight I’d be delighted as I need some moral support: my first gig on my own at an ‘open mic’ night. I was going to be doing just one gig this week (at ‘No.10’, East Street, Bridport on Thursday night) but after talking to another local songwriter, I find out there are 3 ‘open mic’ nights this week: and I intend to do them all.

I’m always apologetic with my answer to the question: ‘what sort of music do you play?’ and describe it as the ‘usual singer-songwriter nonsense’; mainly because I’m shy of saying what I really think which is that they’re some of my best songs I’ve ever written – come and hear them!


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