Debut gig update

Last night’s gig went well. It’s not really a proper gig: it’s an open mic night where you turn up and do your bit but from the way I was getting all worked up about it beforehand I might as well have been opening for the Kings of Leon.

It was good fun though and I now remember the difference between playing your songs at home in the front room and standing up at a microphone and singing it to a crowd. At first I was playing and singing carefully to make sure I got things right but then I realised that it’s important to be aware of the atmosphere or ‘vibe’ in the room and play to that. I also realised that you need to perform not just sing. I don’t mean turn into someone else, just give it your absolute best shot.

All this analysis from a small gig in an out-of-the-way country pub: calm down dear.

Next gig: The Axminster pub (in Axminster), Wednesday 30 July 2009 about 9.00pm.


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