Roddy Frame

I’m aiming to play my songs at a local ‘open mic’ night in town. I’ve got to make sure I can rope-in some moral supporter(s) to come along but I’m really wanting to play my new songs. I’m also hoping to cover one of Roddy Frame’s. To me, and to others, he is one of the great singer-songwriters and his music would be on my list for a desert island; especially this one which I’m hoping to include in the set.

I photographed Roddy back in 2002 and ended up playing guitar with him for part of the afternoon: swapping chords and watching his playing closely. He’s been writing songs that touch the heart since his teens.

Incase this looks like ‘showing-off’ or name dropping, rest assured, it is.

roddy frame aug 2002 800PX

roddy frame-pete-aug 2002 800PX

2 roddy frame-pete-aug 2002 800PX


Drawing for sale

I have one lonely drawing for sale at the moment.

Click here.

I will be doing more but if you or anyone you know likes this sort of thing (no accounting for taste etc.) then please buy a print.

I hope the sun is shining where you are. If it isn’t, it will soon.