BMX Project

Made (a little) progress on the BMX project today.

Went with my eldest to our local bike shop (Revolutions) to get him some new ‘bars’ (that’s technical vernacular for ‘handlebars’. Don’t mention it) for his bike which was my bike back in the day (some day in the early 80s) – a lovely Skyway TA. The chap at the shop who is always very helpful but who’s name I keep forgetting to ask said that Rob who runs the Trick Factory (indoor skatepark) in Bridport is well connected and is always helpful.

And so, later that morning, I bump into Rob by chance. He is indeed friendly and helpful and I’ve arranged to go and pop my head in on a late night ‘sesh’ tomorrow (Tuesday 25 August). He’s up for the idea of this being candid, available light and ‘real’. I’m going to talk to the council about some funding too as they’ve just shelled-out for a fantastic new concrete skatepark over in Dorchester and so would, I imagine, be keen to show off what they’ve paid for. And to delight all those who live in west Dorset with an exhibition of beautiful photographs of course.

After putting the new bars on the bike I’m now a little envious of it. It’s not too much of a problem though as I would almost certainly look a bit of a prawn riding it.


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