It’s only rain

A right old crappy grey day today.

Weirdly though, I got it into my head that it was down to me to have a nice day and not down to the weather at all. So I did my usual round of phone calls to clients old and new mainly to remind them what a good idea it is to commission a real photographer who might know how to help as opposed to someone who has a camera (meaning someone who has a camera but who is aiming to pass themselves off as a photographer). Anyway, ranting away as usual.

Next, I met with the son of someone I photographed for my last project and show. He was very nice. We had a coffee at the Arts Centre and we chatted about how to go about a career in photography. I gave it my best shot but told him in all honesty that there is a lot of ‘winging-it’ involved.

Went home to get my film cameras and back out to do a portrait of the great portrait photographer George Wright in Bridport for the local Marshwood Vale magazine cover. More coffee and then I shot some nice side-lit portraits. It’s great when you realise portraits are about people. You do need to pay attention to light and the design of the frame but mainly it’s realising that you’re there to ‘record’ something.

The s*** weather continued and I continued to ignore it and wrote a four foot long message on a chalk board in the kitchen:



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