Back in the day

Found an old portfolio of mine from soon after I started taking photographs. It was the one I showed to the NME back in about 1993/1994. They gave me work for the next couple of years or so, on and off.

20070407-003 blog

My what a shoddy job I did of fixing the prints: they’re all yellowing badly now. What I’m surprised about though is that I feel they’re quite good. I was trying to emulate the Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn. I don’t think they’re particularly similar but there’s at least something of his influence there.

Also, talking of back in the day, I was sent a photograph by an old friend Richard Heyes. It shows myself and my family and that’s me home from London where I’d recently moved to. By the look of things, I must have thought I was ‘it’ but it might perhaps be closer to the truth to say I was a little bit of a tit. Don’t know. I’ve got no perspective on myself: I’m always living in my head. I love this photograph though; it’s one of my favourites. It reminds me how lovely my parents were. I must quickly point out that my Mum STILL IS lovely but sadly Dad’s no longer around. It’ll be 10 years ago next year that he died and I’m keen to ‘do’ something. I can’t quite think what but I’ve got some ideas.

Millson 03

Richard Heyes taught me how to load and process my very first roll of film in his parents’ garage in Thatcham, Berks. I think of him every time I load a film to this day.

Ooh. I drifted off there into the past.

Back to earth. I’ve got an exciting shoot tomorrow in a wood. I’ve been spending tonight reminding myself how I light photographs as I’ve been mainly working with the light that I find this last year. Details to follow.


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