One thing that occurs to me is to take notes. Write things down: details, names, thoughts, quotes etc.

When the films are processed, go back to the notes and write the relevant film number down alongside them. This will begin to make the final photographs much more valuable as documents as I will have relevant written observations to go with the visual.

Remember that the frame that tells the story or that ‘hits the nail on the head’ could be anywhere on any roll of film. The benefit of note-taking is that once you marry-up the notes with the storytelling image – you have a document.

This is a more fruitful way of working than finding the ‘great photographs’ and then trying to think of something to say about them.

All of this is a new approach for me and I’m very excited by it.

Whatever it takes I suppose.




  1. Hi Pete,

    I like your diary notes (Is it called a blog? All new to me!) Very inspiring. I noticed you talking about using film. Do you still use both digital and film? I’d be interested to know how you put each to use and why.

    Personally, I’m old-fashioned when it comes to photography. I have been using digital over this year to photograph weddings, but I’m not convinced it’s the way forward – for me at least. I’m keeping an open mind about it. I just love the art of manual photography and the personal processes that go into it, and the resulting print. In this digital age most of the images I see now are very vibrant, sharp and sometimes too perfect. Sometimes soft focus or fuzziness captures more than a perfect and pin-sharp image can.

    1. Hi Debbie. Nice to hear from you.
      For me it’s film all the way. Most people won’t pay me enough to shoot film on jobs and so they’re invariably done using a digital camera. Life’s too fast and it’s nice to slow it down and wait until the film is processed and then ruminate over a contact sheet for a week or three.
      Hope all’s well,

      1. Great to hear from you too, Pete. It’s so nice to be in contact with another “film buff”. I’m going to keep checking out your blog and making random comments. Hope life is treating you well in the country.

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