A damp and grey afternoon in Bridport

Not necessarily a bad thing of course.

Today I photographed the directors of the upcoming Bridport Film Festival: From Page To Screen (April). We set up something cinema flavoured and I made sure everything was brightly lit and ‘exciting’. I shall post the results at some point.

Also, received in the post today a courtesy copy of Black & White Photography magazine which has the interview in it that I did a couple of months back: all about the Phoenix Bakery photographs. I was really pleased that they used my favourite photograph over a whole page and that my picture captions were used. Have a look if you’re into that sort of thing.

Anyway, the title of the post relates to these photographs:


Gig report

’twas a good one: my first solo gig last night (in Bridport).

Quite a few people came to see it and I even managed to squeeze in a cover of Dancing Queen.

What I did notice is that putting all my 10 songs together like that really highlights things like common tempos and such. I’d like to write more songs that ‘rock’, only, one never feels like writing ‘rock’ with just an acoustic guitar.

Robert Lee (musician/songwriter/producer) who came along said that he would be up for doing a bit of recording. I’d really appreciate a bit of input from another someone else (my wife doesn’t really say anything when I play the songs – I can never tell what this means although I must add that she made it to the gig last night so…).

Thanks to those of you who came to the gig and remember, if in doubt, get the teapot out.

Some recent photographs:

Solo gig tonight

What could possibly go wrong. Surely nothing.

Well, it turns out it’s all about perception: for me it’s a nervewracking, slightly surreal prospect; for everyone else, it’s some bloke singing in a bar.

TONIGHT: Bar No. 10, East Street, Bridport about 9.00 pm.

And here, purely because I just found it again, is a photograph of my brother Joe and I in New York (in America – you must know). We were both there separately for ‘work’ and bumped into each other near a café. All my early experiences of flying were with newspapers sending me. It was only when my wife and I booked our only real holiday abroad that I realised you had to pay for tickets yourself.

I can recommend ‘cloud cuckoo land’ as a fine destination.

Life is great

Haven’t looked into this one fully but I think life is probably, on balance, great. Just got my hands soaked – smells lovely – whilst mixing up a fresh batch of D76 (film developer) outside the back door with the sun shining, the birds singing, spring in the air and old Terry Wogan mumbling away on the radio.

It only remains for me to wash my hands and stick the kettle on.

Have a nice Sunday.

When The Spirit Is Gone

Once again, a post title full of intrigue (hardly) and not all about running out of vodka.

I have written and recorded a new song and I’m very pleased with it. Although this is all coming to you via clickety-click links and internet connections, be advised this was made by a real human in real time who got sore knees from recording it whilst kneeling down on a hard floor. The fool.

It should also be pointed out that a record producer I ain’t.


‘Warm-up’ gig

Which means I went to do the open mic in Axminster last night. I thought it went quite well: sang like a girl as usual. Elijah Wolf was very encouraging and relentlessly ‘up’ as ever. If you do ever bump into Elijah (it’s possible), just have a chat for a while: you’ll leave feeling rejuvinated!

THE GIG: 23 February 2010 at Bar 10 in Bridport.

I shall be playing a wooden guitar, singing with my mouth and delivering my songs. What’s not to like.


Went for a day out to (slightly) sunny Sidmouth in Devon yesterday with family.

I saw a father and daughter walking on some rocks as we were walking along the ‘front’. There were a lot of things that came together at once: the light, their reaching out for each other and my nearly tripping over my eldest as I took it. I gave my details to the suddenly suspicious father as I thought he might like a print for old times sake.

I think photographers can be perceived as odd sometimes. I can’t help it!

Wood Green

Sorry, not a post all about that delightful stopping-off point on the Picadilly line (which I do miss weirdly?). No, in fact this is about your actual green woodworking.

I went over to West Bexington on Monday to photograph Mace Brightwater at work at Bodger’s Barn where you can learn all sorts of new and useful real skills. It was truly fascinating to watch. I kept thinking of the audience challenges on the Generation Game and wondering how I’d fare if it was my turn next.

Then I woke up and got on with the photographs.