Wood Green

Sorry, not a post all about that delightful stopping-off point on the Picadilly line (which I do miss weirdly?). No, in fact this is about your actual green woodworking.

I went over to West Bexington on Monday to photograph Mace Brightwater at work at Bodger’s Barn where you can learn all sorts of new and useful real skills. It was truly fascinating to watch. I kept thinking of the audience challenges on the Generation Game and wondering how I’d fare if it was my turn next.

Then I woke up and got on with the photographs.


5 thoughts on “Wood Green

  1. lovely set of pics. As you know, I was once gainfully employed as a cabinet maker (fully apprenticed and qualified don’t y know)and these really set the old nostalgia running.I can almost smell the wood..

    1. Cheers Tim. It is amazing to see someone making something from what I regard as a tasty bit of firewood. Did you make anything for yourself that you’ve kept?

  2. It’s an amazingly satisfying profession although not as well paid as you might expect – Ikea put and end to that.
    I kept a few bits but they’ve gone now, either my mum has them or they are -you’ll be pleased to know – now firewood.

  3. Hi Pete, Just love these images – reminds me of the bodger who used to work in the woods on Bucklebury Common – Dad loved to watch him working. Ma x

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