License to print photographs

A couple of days in the darkroom this week. A couple of new clients this week. And all this in the week that I decide to give up caffeine. Is there a connection?

There isn’t.

Here are some prints including a few from my Symondsbury Pottery series as it inches its way along (lovingly digitised for your viewing pleasure):

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Photographs getting older

Aren’t we all, dear.

Sorting out this huge collection of portraits at the moment and came across three photographs that, in my head, I had down as recent but it turns out they’re all over ten years old. This means that I must be 40 this year. Christ, what happened there.

Had a meeting with a couple of other Bridport photographers today about ‘exciting plans’ which is all I can say at the moment but the meeting didn’t stay on track for long and quickly descended into ‘my camera versus your camera’ and ‘wasn’t LIFE magazine great’.

This morning I went up to the Symondsbury Pottery to do some more. I’d spent the first part of the morning writing-up my notes on the pottery and then ended up shooting to that like a script; mainly, I think, because I wasn’t quite awake.

Also, today, spoke to the editor of foodie magazine FORK about an upcoming feature using some of my work. They seem like a very nice bunch and if food is your thing (not me, I never eat) then drop-by.

Decent exposure

I read somewhere that you can only expose your film to what you expose yourself to hence this week I have yet more photographs of my children. My wife is busy with work this week and so here I am around the house.

Still, whatever one finds oneself exposed to:

1. look

2. wait till something moves you

3. click

Alex Lester for Prime Minister.

Good night.


Quite in the mood for as many portraits as I can possibly do from here-on-in.

I’m going to put together an online repository of my portraits and there are many, many, many, many of them. They is comin’ out of me ears.

Here’s three now. Two are of my children (the poor things) and one is of artist and illustrator Charles Fuge (whose books the boys love).

Remember kids, the best camera you’ll ever have is the one you have with you.

85% chocolate anyone?

From Page To Screen – update 2

I’ve really enjoyed photographing the speakers at this year’s Film Festival.

I don’t think there are many things that I love more than photographing people and a week of it suited me just fine. Hat’s off to Lindsay Brooks, Steven Horner, Nic Jeune and Philiy Page for putting on a fine week of films. A proper treat.

I’m in the mood for watching more films now. Next stop Cemetery Junction (a stone’s throw from where I was born: FACT).

Have a nice weekend.

From Page To Screen – again

Or perhaps: From the real human subject, through my judgement, through my camera to your screen… It’s late as I type this and I’m a sleepy little bunny staring at a screen instead of switching the light off, brushing my teeth and going to bed.

Saw Julian Kemp’s new film My Last Five Girlfriends tonight. Really enjoyed it. I’m a big fan of Alain De Botton (on whose book the film is based) anyway but I think Julian Kemp has caught a sense of the endless wonder that is love.

Camomile tea anyone?


An excuse to post 3 more portraits from this week.

Because of the way the cookie has crumbled this week, I have so far managed to see a grand total of one film; and it annoyed me. Still, I think for those who are going along to the rest of the films, it’s proving to be a really enjoyable film festival.

Did an ‘open mic’ gig tonight at Beach & Barnicott in Bridport. Sang like a girl as usual but thought it beautiful in its own way.

Some photographs:


Being Bridport’s Film Festival.

I’m photographing the various speakers at this year’s festival and am looking forward to seeing some good films.

The Film Festival runs from 3–9 April.

Here are Ian Hunter who is Principal Lecturer in Film Studies at De Montford University who spoke before the screening of A Clockwork Orange and Human Rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith with some skaters/BMX dudes from the Trick Factory in Bridport before the screening of Paranoid Park:

March 2010

Here are four photographs. They record where I was on different days last month.

This post is an exercise in being flippant and pedantic – two of my most annoying attributes (that really annoy me – I can’t help it).

Also, back on planet Earth, I’m ‘festival photographer’ this week at the Page To Screen, Bridport Film Festival. Photographed a man called Ian Hunter last night, Principal Lecturer in Film Studies at De Montfort University, who gave a very interesting talk ahead of the screening of A Clockwork Orange.

I shall post some festival photographs in due course.

Went on an Easter Egg hunt up a hill in our village today organised by the village school. I didn’t find a thing. Still, we have teabags in the cupboard, so, not all bad.