Photographs getting older

Aren’t we all, dear.

Sorting out this huge collection of portraits at the moment and came across three photographs that, in my head, I had down as recent but it turns out they’re all over ten years old. This means that I must be 40 this year. Christ, what happened there.

Had a meeting with a couple of other Bridport photographers today about ‘exciting plans’ which is all I can say at the moment but the meeting didn’t stay on track for long and quickly descended into ‘my camera versus your camera’ and ‘wasn’t LIFE magazine great’.

This morning I went up to the Symondsbury Pottery to do some more. I’d spent the first part of the morning writing-up my notes on the pottery and then ended up shooting to that like a script; mainly, I think, because I wasn’t quite awake.

Also, today, spoke to the editor of foodie magazine FORK about an upcoming feature using some of my work. They seem like a very nice bunch and if food is your thing (not me, I never eat) then drop-by.


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