Went to watch a, frankly, awesome jazz sextet perform last night at the Arts Centre here in Bridport. The show was the brainchild of journalist and Miles Davis nut Paul Lashmar.

I have never seen playing like it and I was totally ‘taken’ by the music. They played the whole of Miles Davis’ classic album Kind of Blue – and how.

I took a camera along of course.


Just done the photographs for Elijah Wolf and his band. Heard some good stuff coming out of the speakers on the drive to the venue: to my ears, on first listen, it had a fair dose of McCartney-esque bangin’ piano and some really good tunes. I’m not being paid to say this.

Have a nice day.


I got hold of a book last week by a photographer called Walia who was working in the 1970s. Really terrific portraits.

It got me to finally embark on my new batch of portraits. What are they for; what am I going to do with them; why? I have no answers but I know I have to do it.

I have a list of twenty-odd people I’d like to photograph but that’s only off the top of my head. Names keep occurring to me.

Keep taking the tablets as they say.

Here are three recent portraits:

Prime Minister

Hello. Here’s a portrait I did a while back of someone who I’ve been informed is now the Prime Minister of Great Britain (I don’t have a telly, don’t listen to news and don’t read newspapers – I rely on well-placed ‘others’ to give me it all on a need-to-know basis).

I remember a pleasant-enough posh, public-school chap in a very cramped office in St Stephen’s Tower (Big Ben).

Small world eh?

Today, I ‘ave been mostly processing film.

Clay Bread Oven

Just spent the last three days helping to build a clay bread oven in our village.

Really good fun and a great gang of people helping out all led by the ‘great’ Bernard Graves. This evening we all cooked some pizzas although photographs of that will have to wait as the film is still in the camera and I cannae be arsed to process it because I want to go and sit on the sofa and do nothing.

Fresh air and mild physical activity has right done me in.

Some photographs:

Hello there

Here’s an idea if you’re in Weymouth.

Go to the Phoenix Bakery, get a sourdough loaf, go home, toast a slice, spread it with unsalted butter and marmite, laugh because life is great.

And here, because they is comin’ out of me ears, are more of my portraits from the last century:

Lizzie & Bekki

Still slightly miffed at having my wife eat a beautiful raspberry and custard tart, that was mine, before I had a chance to grab it. And this all puts me in mind of Lizzie & Bekki and their homemade delicacies. I went to photograph them and what they get up to a while back and enjoyed every minute. If you find yourself in Dorset sometime, look up farmers’ markets (Bridport and Sherbourne being the two I can remember) and come and sample some awesome cakes.

Went to the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranbourne today and learnt a lot about olden times and that. When it’s all percolated through my brain I shall be more specific. Worth a visit though.

Photographs as portraits

Or some other silly post title. What’s it all about.

I’ve made good headway with my collating job on my portraits. I’ve opened the folder marked 1992—1998 (my first folder of negatives) and am very much enjoying making new prints (as well as finding old ones knocking around) of the portraits that I still like. There are more than I thought there would be.

I love photographing people. Honestly, I could explode sometimes just thinking about it.


Some prints (represented here by pixels):

Slightly Fat Features

Not me, you fool, them.

Went to photograph a group of performers last week who, when they’re together, go under the name of Slightly Fat Features. I am so envious of the fact that, aside from they’re skills, talent and entertainment abilities, they have given themselves a license to be lunaticts for a living. I am sometimes a maniac and so perhaps that’s the next one down from lunatic, I don’t know.

They are amazing and my wife, my eldest and me were crying laughing at their gig here in Bridport on Saturday last. Go and see them this week in London town where they have a run of shows at the Roundhouse in Camden.

Some photographs: