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Hello again.

Here’s some things I’ve been up to. Why should you care? You needn’t of course but here you are reading it so I don’t know what to think!

Last week I had a get together – a meeting of musical minds – with Paul Machin: he organises our arrangements into pop hits, I’m still trying to pass myself off as Johnny Marr. It works though! Paul is also a much smarter-dressed man than I and so I think my first in a series of mild, mid-life crises will begin with me buying some red converse sneakers. If I look a tit, I’ll know who to blame.

Also last week I had the pleasure of recording (totally separate musical project) with the musical marvel that is Robert Lee. I’d been promised a ‘go’ in his studio in return for some photographs I did a while back and last week we got started. I’m doing a song I don’t really plan to use with Paul Machin but, you never know. Rob is a very intuitive producer. I’m doing a bit more this week and will post the song here when it’s done.

Did a couple of jobs for the Times Ed. Shot the second one on film: I’m so rock ‘n’ roll it’s untrue. Also had a job photographing an author on Sunday: beautiful light, crappy backgrounds. Ha-ha, a red-herring for you there: beautiful light is the only one you have to worry about. One doesn’t notice anything else if there’s beautiful light and a definite moment.

On Saturday we went up to see my Mum and also went to see my brother in Love Never Dies. I was very excited and proud to see my brother up there on stage at the Adelphi singing with a full orchestra. Nice one Joe. He took my boys for a look around backstage afterwards too. He also showed me the script for ‘Campus’ that he’s filming for channel 4 at the moment. I only read one page but was crying laughing even so. Should be good!

Lastly, my Mum recently took a couple of photographs of me and of my brother. They are such truthful documents that I have to share them with you. We both love our families (we each have two children) and here’s the proof:

Pop music

Yes, hello. Is anyone out there? Is anyone in here? Who am I?

I’ve started writing some rather brilliant pop music with a man that I shall, for the moment, refer to only as ‘PM’ for they are his initials (and it’s not me – of course). It may be that he giveth not a toss about whether I name and shame him here on the world-wide-what-do-I-care.

What’s for certain is that I have not been as excited at the prospect of writing with someone else since I was in a band with Mr Gary Mundy: a man who would come up with a beautiful guitar part for any song and leave you feeling in love with the world because your song now ‘worked’. ‘PM’ leaves me feeling the same way and I’ve only so far heard his half-arsed piano parts (said for comic effect – they’re amazing).

What do you care though, dear reader? Well, you will when you hear it. Watch this space. Experiments in pop music coming to you sometime in the next decade. After all, there is washing-up to be done too.