Pop music

Yes, hello. Is anyone out there? Is anyone in here? Who am I?

I’ve started writing some rather brilliant pop music with a man that I shall, for the moment, refer to only as ‘PM’ for they are his initials (and it’s not me – of course). It may be that he giveth not a toss about whether I name and shame him here on the world-wide-what-do-I-care.

What’s for certain is that I have not been as excited at the prospect of writing with someone else since I was in a band with Mr Gary Mundy: a man who would come up with a beautiful guitar part for any song and leave you feeling in love with the world because your song now ‘worked’. ‘PM’ leaves me feeling the same way and I’ve only so far heard his half-arsed piano parts (said for comic effect – they’re amazing).

What do you care though, dear reader? Well, you will when you hear it. Watch this space. Experiments in pop music coming to you sometime in the next decade. After all, there is washing-up to be done too.


3 thoughts on “Pop music

  1. i am in williamsburg brooklyn /98 degrees/
    where there are many pop artists
    i looked at your blog to make sure dorset was stil there
    hang on in there
    iam also waiting to sell some art
    greedy to buy a camera already missed the ‘one’ because i need $1900
    however greed according to some people is a natural driving force
    tomorrow i am visiting the class of a tai chi master
    disciple of manching a man who spent 10 yrs on canal street in the early 1970’s teaching hippies to slow down
    i am v interested in discovering the secret of this stuff because apparantly there is no secret think most females know this?
    new york has no secrets and flows very well
    i wish i had a camera actually

  2. Just stopped by to see what is turning Dorset upside down, and I was somewhat taken aback – and extremely flattered (I read it out loud to Emma & Frank at least 3 times) to see your kind words. Thank you.

    The pleasure was entirely mutual, but I have to say I think that I had the easy job. Chucking a few guitar lines down seems very little compared with conjuring chord progressions out of thin air that fit together like pieces of a jigsaw.

    The very best of luck with ‘PM’ – I’ll keep a look out for any material you post. Always interested.

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