Fork Magazine

Forgot to mention that the current issue of FORK Magazine features ‘amazing’ photographs of master baker Aidan Chapman. If you’re a foodie you have, no doubt, seen it already but a ‘heads-up’ for everyone else – why not.


3 thoughts on “Fork Magazine

  1. Hi Pete
    Good to see you are doing ok. I really like the pictures of the clay oven. Let me know if you are in London one of these days; we could catch up sipping an ale by the Thames. All the best, Juan

    1. Hi Juan. Really good to hear from you. I still owe you at least a pint for all that printing you did for me! Is everything ok with you? I do have jobs in London now and then and so I’ll call you next time to meet up if that’s ok.
      All the best to you and yours, PETE.

  2. Hi Pete. Yes, everthing ok at this end. I still have the same mobile number so definitively give me a call next time you are in London. Cheers, Juan.

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