Business or pleasure

Pleasure obviously. What a ridiculous question .

Here are some photographs what I took recently. It’s pretty easy: just look around at stuff and press the button.

It’s still indescribably exciting to be allowed to do it though.

Last week I photographed artists and their art in Weymouth and Portland, this week I’m playing guitar like a demon. Rehearsing for a gig at the Arts Centre in Bridport in memory and celebration of Fin Gunn: a guitarist and songwriter who was a friend and inspiration to many. I always enjoyed a chat with him on Saturday’s in Bridport and I’m bloody annoyed I never got round to playing some music with him. That’ll teach me: don’t be a twat and worry about work and money, go and do stuff and worry about it all later (or never). Also, Wednesday is a rehearsal with Paul Machin!

Pop music BY the people, FOR the people.

And goodNIGHT!


I’m doing the photography for the B-Side Multi-Media Festival 2010.

If you’re in and around Portland and Weymouth (or can get there) over the next week and a bit, come and have a look. There are lots of thoughtful, touching, eloquent and quite frankly uncategorisable installations (my words, not those of my sponsors I hasten to add) to go and enjoy – it’s all good stuff!

I’ll put a few pictures up if I remember to.

Went to do some today and met lots of nice people, one of whom was Hywel Davies who’s a composer and sonic artist. Come and see his work on Chesil Beach, Portland. It’s very beautiful.

Also today I received a commission to photograph the artist Don Bachardy in London. Very much looking forward to that; very much not looking forward to paying for car-parking in the capital.

Last night Paul Machin and myself had our second rehearsal. Honestly, you just wait!

Hope all is well with you.



I forget to attend to this blog, so, apologies if you’re the sort of nutcase who checks-in from time to time (just being funny, not rude – I hope).

I’ve photographed some lovely couples’ weddings, a t-shirt ‘range’, live music, my family (of course), festivals, authors, ever more portraits‚Ķ the usual. All good fun. Bought a Leica M2 which is very nice. You just wait until you see something interesting (or poignant) then you look through the viewfinder and, finally, press the button. Phew, time for a cup of tea and a sit down.

I’ve also been writing and rehearsing with Paul Machin. We are great I tell you. That’s not opinion, that’s fact.

See you again in a few months – peace and love (we love Ringo).