Business or pleasure

Pleasure obviously. What a ridiculous question .

Here are some photographs what I took recently. It’s pretty easy: just look around at stuff and press the button.

It’s still indescribably exciting to be allowed to do it though.

Last week I photographed artists and their art in Weymouth and Portland, this week I’m playing guitar like a demon. Rehearsing for a gig at the Arts Centre in Bridport in memory and celebration of Fin Gunn: a guitarist and songwriter who was a friend and inspiration to many. I always enjoyed a chat with him on Saturday’s in Bridport and I’m bloody annoyed I never got round to playing some music with him. That’ll teach me: don’t be a twat and worry about work and money, go and do stuff and worry about it all later (or never). Also, Wednesday is a rehearsal with Paul Machin!

Pop music BY the people, FOR the people.

And goodNIGHT!


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