40 is the new 40

Had a party for my 40th last Saturday. Seemed rude not to.

Really good set from DJ Roger Wilco and live music from, among others, the amazing Valley Brides who are Paul Machin and me. It was an awesome set although I think we had the PA up a bit too loud. That’s the first gig done and dusted. We now move onto making a record and doing more! I’m waiting to see if anyone filmed it; there were a few cameras pointed our way. Thanks everyone who came and sorry your ears hurt from the volume.

Did another gig on Saturday daytime at Bridport Apple Day with the folk-tacular Yellow Room who are David Squirrell, Emma McEvoy and me. A friend, Rich Lisney, made a recording to go with some pictures he took.

Have a listen if you want.

Are computers and the internet a load of old toss? I believe so but it’s tricky to get away isn’t it?

Have a nice day!


Or both, ideally.

You see, it’s like this. You can point your camera anywhere you like, you can stand anywhere you like, you can let the shutter go anytime you want and, so, guidance is needed or you won’t hit the (a) target. The first thing to go after is what you love. If you only photograph what you love you will produce meaningful work. Meaningful to you that is. For it to mean something to others you need an additional guideline of sorts. Mine happens to be ‘balance or isolate’ by which I mean, over and above photographing what you love, make the picture balance or isolate the main subject (isolate against space or colour – up to you).

Or both of course (refer to anything by Henri Cartier-Bresson).

All this bollocks notwithstanding, here’s some new pictures:


Valley Brides, Valley Brides, Valley Brides. I’ll explain later.

Last Friday we all did the Fin Gunn gig at the Arts Centre here in Bridport. Fin would have loved it. Isn’t it always the way. Good sound by Pete Wilson: proper monitor sound, mics and all the rest of it. I could get used to that.

Tuesday turned up a good one. I was invited to photograph a private party in London town (London, England). Long trip in the car, a hassle parking but it is what I do so stop moaning. I’m obliged to not go into the details of the party but what I will tell you is that David Hockney went to it. I say this partly to give the impression that I’m well connected, shallow and a name-dropper and partly because I was so excited to be in the same room as the man who, inadvertently, told me something very important about framing. I have an old book of photographs by David Hockney; this is work before the era of the polaroid joiners. In it, he describes how important are the edges and corners of your photograph. Until I’d read that book I think I was still approaching photographs by concentrating on the ‘bit in the middle’. To get the edges and the corners beautiful leaves you the icing-on-the-cake task of ‘moment’ to get right. Oh, you know what I mean. Also in attendance were Colin Firth and Martin Amis. Listen, it’s shallow but it’s my blog so… Anyway, RESULT!

Rehearsal with PM on Wednesday night was nothing but electrifying. It is only pop music I know but, man alive, we’re onto something.

I also had my Mum staying in Bridport for the week and it was lovely to have her around.

And… I borrowed a copy of A Woman A Man Walked By by P J Harvey. That woman is a living demonstration of how to let your sprit guide you. Amazing!