And the link to take you there is here.

Paul and I are very proud of our music so far. If you are the sort of person for whom music means something then you may have found yourself something good.

The first album is now written. We have a title and we’ve even sorted out what’s going on side one and what’s going on side two. As we get them recorded, we’ll put them up onto myspace for you.

There are three there now. What are you waiting for?

And if the Great Dorset Steam Fair is something that does it for you or, indeed, someone you know then you/they might be interested in the audio/photo slideshows that my friend Roger Bell and I are now lovingly churning-out for South West Archives.

Oh, and thanks to the hundreds of thousands of you who visit this blog. The previous sentence contains no statements of fact but typing it is fun.

Have a good week!