River Cottage

Picture the scene. You’re in Axminster in Devon (only just in Devon, Dorset nearly), you’re hungry and you need to hear some original songwriters and their songs. Well, you might find your prayers answered if you pop into the River Cottage Canteen at about 7.00pm. I’ll be there with a guitar (sadly not doing the gig with Paul Machin but Paul and I are planning musical treats for May) and three new songs that Paul and I have written: ‘From The Blue’, ‘I’ll Remember You’ and ‘Something I Can’t Have’.

I have about 100 films to process. That’s not bragging; that’s complaining. I’m doing a project with composer Robert Lee to make a stab at answering the question ‘can England still be found at the seaside?’. I don’t know what England means so I’m off the hook as far as coming up with a definitive answer. Robert is going to write music and combine it with found sounds of the seaside (we already have a recording of a drunk woman having a go at us in a pub garden so, off to a good start).

Haven’t got any photographs to post just now as I’m behind with my processing. Good excuse eh. Could be that I haven’t taken anything good for ages. Not true.  Just haven’t seen any of them yet.

I’m on Twatter if you care: @petemillson

Off to photograph a group of dancers in Weymouth today.

Picture of my ‘look’ at the moment according to Tom Cox:







Have a lovely weekend!


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