I would love this to be a post about how I finally nailed a 360 on a BMX but it isn’t.

Went to Plymouth University yesterday with a group of artists and film-makers to learn about 360 degree film: a technology that allows you to film and project right round your ‘ead.

Interesting and quite a challenge. There are essentially 5 projectors in the ceiling of the ‘tent’ or other projection space. You could use the 5 projectors separately and have 5 different films/shots/images going (to really do the audience’s head in) or you could use the 360 degree camera. This is a red box about the size of a loaf of bread (up on its end !?) with 5 lenses: the images from the 5 lenses are merged one into the other with software, leaving you with a 360 degree view.

It has fried my head a little but we’ve all been invited to write and film a short ‘piece’ to be shown in Weymouth this Summer. I’ll keep you posted.

In other news, Paul Machin and I are continuing to churn out great songs and have plans to do ‘something’ live soon. Like you care. Also, if you yourself are stuck for a chord progression you could try: Bm9/E7/Bm9/E7.

Suit yourself!

Here’s a still of us testing the camera:


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