Some more tosh from inside my brain.

Hope you have a happy day.

You think you know what you’re doing and then you learn something new. Do you stubbornly stick to what you know or do you go red in the face and admit you were wrong and couldn’t see the wood for the trees? It’s been nice getting to know my brother again. Not that we were ever estranged, more that I thought he was one kind of person and it turns out he’s many. Who gets to do the fun things in life? Well, I think we know that we all do, just not all the time. How much of what we say to each other is from the heart? I wonder. I’d say a lot of it but always veiled in matter-of-fact language.  You have a new camera; well done. You like photography; good. You, perhaps, want to know what to do with your camera. You might start by deciding what you like in life and photographing that. You could then go deeper: photograph what you love every day; question why your photograph doesn’t resound with the music of the spheres like you thought it would. To be able to notice light, to be able to notice people and to be able to isolate your subject: these are three very useful gadgets to have in your camera bag. Always look out for light; it will make your photograph something worth keeping and handing-on. Isolate. You notice something and you want it. Put the camera to your eye and get whatever moves your heart to somewhere nice in the frame. Let the shutter go. But wait, the clarity of what you saw has become a busy frame of nothing much. What was surrounding your subect when you took aim? It was, of course, all manner of crap and detritus from the world at large—your grand statement bombed, big time. Look again. There’s a nice gap between two boats filled with the slate-grey/blue of the sky and here you are walking past the man who is deep in thought at the harbourside. Now, you know what you’re doing you rejoice in the fact that you can land him between the two boats against the blue and frame him forever in league with your feelings and his thoughts.


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