Tony Ray-Jones

I wonder if you know of the late photographer Tony Ray-Jones. He trained in America in the 1960s and 70s under the great graphic designer and all-round image guru Alexey Brodovitch and hung out with Garry Winogrand. Anyway, his photographs are a real inspiration to me because they represent the work of someone who looks very closely at things and wonders about them.

So, the reason for this post. I came across one of his many lists (he kept tons of notebooks) and thought I’d share it as it points to what sort of attitude might result in credible and vital photographs worthy of handing-on to future generations.

One of Tony Ray-Jones’ lists:

  • Be more aggressive
  • Get more involved (talk to people)
  • Stay with the subject matter (be patient)
  • Take simpler pictures
  • See if everything in background relates to subject matter
  • Vary compositions and angles more
  • Be more aware of composition
  • Don’t take boring pictures
  • Get in closer (use 50mm less)
  • Watch camera shake (shoot 250sec or above)
  • Don’t shoot too much
  • Not all at eye level

Have a nice day.


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