From The Birds

New song. Crappy recording, but, new song.


Word up

Have today done a great gig and the songs sound great. New discovery: sing quietly like it’s real and all will be well.

Have also photographed a book cover for Faber. Have photographed the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Have cleaned the bathroom. Have decided on a plan of action for the album. Am putting a book of recent portraits together. They’re also the best work I’ve done. Have fallen in love (musically, you understand) with Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch.

This is what a blog is for, no? Talking to yourself to fire yourself up for the week.

Have a great week.

Look, here’s a couple of family snaps from ages ago:

Small Hot Chocolate

Recently went into a well known high-street coffee shop and asked for a ‘small hot chocolate’ for my youngest son. “A Babyccino?” was the response. Please, for ****’s sake don’t do this. Isn’t it obvious that I cannot utter the word Babyccino. It is not something I’m prepared to do. You’ve had my request described in succinct detail – what’s the problem with saying “certainly, anything else?”

And relax.


If you’re lucky enough to own an iPhone – or whatever they’re called – then you might like a great ebook of sharp, incicive photographs to go with it.

Home Entertainment by Pete Millson now available as an ebook for £1.49. Download one now.

In other news, I’ve now written 10 songs and in my mind that’s an album. Now to find a producer to help me turn it into an album. Album title is Songs Of Hope And Despair.

That’ll cheer ’em up.