Polaroids; songs; Saul Leiter

Polaroids; songs; Saul Leiter

Had a lot of fun with my friend Mark Ponsford today. He’s a painter and photographer and Chris TT fan and we shared strong coffee and then went out in the cold air and he took photographs on his camera (he uses Polaroid cameras with Impossible Film, though not today) and I took the occasional shitty snap on my phone. Got home to find there was a job from a picture agency and I had to be in Yeovil to do a portrait by 5pm. I got there with seconds to spare and thank god the lights that I quickly grabbed from the office in town were charged up a couple of days ago. Mark is doing the artwork on my album (my alter ego Peter James Millson writes songs) which is out next year. We have a blood red and black theme going on and there’s gold and polaroids and songs from the heart. I asked him in particular because he sees things in a different way to me but I love it all the same. We watched a trailer for a documentary on Saul Leiter. Saul Leiter died a few days ago. He saw shapes and colours and human-ness everywhere. There’s a screening of the film in Bath, not too far from us next Wednesday. Would love to go. I absolutely LOVE his photographs with all my heart. If the camera only got invented for one person, Saul would have been a good choice. Also got in touch again with a photographers’ agent I spoke to a few years ago. Sorting out a meeting now. Have decided that I specialise in portraits where you don’t look like a twat. It’s a unique angle.

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