20140412 760-pjm self portrait

I’ve spent most of the time since 1993 finding out what on earth a photographer is.

I was born in 1970 in Reading Berkshire and grew up in villages around there: spending my time riding and mending BMX bikes, playing guitar and plodding about the fields. I have lived in London since the end of 1989 and in 2008 moved to a village called Symondsbury just outside Bridport in West Dorset.

For me, photography remains a nice quick method of recording what I love about us; I believe people are good and this drives the decisions I make when photographing. I see my work as being in the tradition of documentary-photography-with-a-small-camera from the 1950s to about the 1970s. Loads of great work outside these dates of course but that’s where I’m coming from and what I see my work as a descendent of.

In 2009 the National Portrait Gallery in London acquired six of my portraits for their permanent collection.

I’ve worked as a contributor for NME, the Guardian, the Independent, the Times amongst countless other publications.

If I’m not studying photographers, studying the puzzle of what it is to be alive, writing songs or trying to earn a living, I’m doing what I’m most passionate about which is being with my family.

The definitive document.

Say hello! (UK) 07768 077353.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Pete

    Hope all the family are well and enjoying the snow. No NLRSS today…snowed in here.

    At last getting it together to seek our old NLRSS photos and album (want to purchase please)and also want to throw another idea into the mix.

    We have bought a leasehold on a cocktail/wine bar in Crouch End, MOORS Bar formerly known as MONOs private members club, 57 Park Road, N8 8SY. We are creating a vibe for the creative types given there are so many in Crouch End and its environs. Also we love nature!. We have exhibition space in the bar and love your work…..does this have legs!. Perhaps we can have a chat or the next time you are in London you might be able to pop in.
    Andy, Cathrina
    07956 935 291

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