Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball

Wedding photograph © Pete Millson. Yes, I do weddings.


Flintbatch Woods

Had a, frankly, exhausting day photographing charcoal making, woodland management and fence-making. Up at 5.00 am to be there for 6.00 am. Some people are actually up and working at that time!

Very inspiring to be around Guy and Ben at Flintbatch Woods.

Here’s a picture from today. More to follow:


Season’s Greetings (as opposed to Standard Greetings – all hail Alex Lester).

Valley Brides have a new song up on MYSPACE today. Called Red Sky, it’s a dreamy little number if a little unsettling if listened to in the dark. Perfect for listening to whilst staring out of a train window as the world speeds by. Or anywhere, really.

Also, here’s a couple of new portraits:


Or both, ideally.

You see, it’s like this. You can point your camera anywhere you like, you can stand anywhere you like, you can let the shutter go anytime you want and, so, guidance is needed or you won’t hit the (a) target. The first thing to go after is what you love. If you only photograph what you love you will produce meaningful work. Meaningful to you that is. For it to mean something to others you need an additional guideline of sorts. Mine happens to be ‘balance or isolate’ by which I mean, over and above photographing what you love, make the picture balance or isolate the main subject (isolate against space or colour – up to you).

Or both of course (refer to anything by Henri Cartier-Bresson).

All this bollocks notwithstanding, here’s some new pictures:

Business or pleasure

Pleasure obviously. What a ridiculous question .

Here are some photographs what I took recently. It’s pretty easy: just look around at stuff and press the button.

It’s still indescribably exciting to be allowed to do it though.

Last week I photographed artists and their art in Weymouth and Portland, this week I’m playing guitar like a demon. Rehearsing for a gig at the Arts Centre in Bridport in memory and celebration of Fin Gunn: a guitarist and songwriter who was a friend and inspiration to many. I always enjoyed a chat with him on Saturday’s in Bridport and I’m bloody annoyed I never got round to playing some music with him. That’ll teach me: don’t be a twat and worry about work and money, go and do stuff and worry about it all later (or never). Also, Wednesday is a rehearsal with Paul Machin!

Pop music BY the people, FOR the people.

And goodNIGHT!


I’m doing the photography for the B-Side Multi-Media Festival 2010.

If you’re in and around Portland and Weymouth (or can get there) over the next week and a bit, come and have a look. There are lots of thoughtful, touching, eloquent and quite frankly uncategorisable installations (my words, not those of my sponsors I hasten to add) to go and enjoy – it’s all good stuff!

I’ll put a few pictures up if I remember to.

Went to do some today and met lots of nice people, one of whom was Hywel Davies who’s a composer and sonic artist. Come and see his work on Chesil Beach, Portland. It’s very beautiful.

Also today I received a commission to photograph the artist Don Bachardy in London. Very much looking forward to that; very much not looking forward to paying for car-parking in the capital.

Last night Paul Machin and myself had our second rehearsal. Honestly, you just wait!

Hope all is well with you.



I forget to attend to this blog, so, apologies if you’re the sort of nutcase who checks-in from time to time (just being funny, not rude – I hope).

I’ve photographed some lovely couples’ weddings, a t-shirt ‘range’, live music, my family (of course), festivals, authors, ever more portraits… the usual. All good fun. Bought a Leica M2 which is very nice. You just wait until you see something interesting (or poignant) then you look through the viewfinder and, finally, press the button. Phew, time for a cup of tea and a sit down.

I’ve also been writing and rehearsing with Paul Machin. We are great I tell you. That’s not opinion, that’s fact.

See you again in a few months – peace and love (we love Ringo).